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web portfolio / v3 / updated 10.05.2022hello! i’m sree adithya and i like to create web content! currently freelancing from the comfort of my home in 🔆 indiasome of the other stuff i'm working on:
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playlist // Trap City Music Videos

My edit for the ILLVZN X ONLYTHEBLIND collab promo video challenge, hosted by TBJZL and Konstantin.
Filled with simple yet effective effects leading to bigger sequences of absolute eye candy.
Edit/VFX: Me
Director/Videographer: Konstantin

The blackbirn crew, after a very professional photoshoot, is stranded at a gas station with a shortage. Their only hope? Pose in their winter collection's clothes while waiting for a gas delivery.
shot on interlaced camcorders for that truly professional feelSong: Jungle - Happy Man

Sui Generis - North Hills

BRIJ Black Label
A lookbook video made for Brij Black Label. Consisting of simple effects and transitions and showing off designs efficiently.
Client: Benjamin Tran owner of Brij Clothing

BLACKBIRN© - The Muck Col.
An ad for the streetwear company, BLACKBIRN®. With aesthetic visuals and 3d tracked drone shots along with some vintage camcorder footage, it creates a signature look for their upcoming "Muckety-Muck" collection.
Client: Blackbirn Brand ®
Song: JM & NESKA (ft.GiGi) - OTRA FORMA

Volume 52 Clothing
A promo commercial for the clothing brand, volume 52. A fast paced song complimented by a plethora of 3d tracked objects and shakes. No video footage was provided so stock footage combined with images had to do the job.
Client: Volume 52
Song: Greatness Is Upon You - Produced by Mikestro Music

ANUBHU™ Clothing
A minimalist promo video for the streetwear clothing brand, ANUBHU. The video is as simplistic as can be with abstract overlays and text flashes.
Client: Anubhu™

I Made 7 Apps But... With ONLY 7 Hours of Coding!

[YT SHORT] DON'T give programmers a new coding editor 😬

Why you should REALLY Learn To Code

Coding on a PLANE for 12 Hours

Are Ultrawide Monitors Worth It For Coding?

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Trippie Redd - Miss The Rage ft. Playboi Carti (Pozy Remix)

Attack on Titan 「AMV」 - The Rumbling (Onderkoffer Trap Remix)
An anime music video edited in collaboration with @theforestname. Original remix by Onderkoffer. Commissioned by TrapCity

Tommee Profitt - In The End ft. Fleurie (Emurse Remix)


Onderkoffer - Purge (Official Visualizer)
A gritty-fast paced visualizer for Onderkoffer's latest remix- PURGE.
background visuals by me
3d animation by @madebyjohnkho

See all the videos I've edited for Trap City here!

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